Isana Yagami and Takamina Aizawa are the first of 48 Family and S.H.U Projex hottest couples.


Isana and Takamina already met each other since they were a child (Isana: 4 years old and Takamina: 3 years old). However Isana having an amnesia after that so he forgot about Takamina. They met again when Isana's step-

Isana Yagami & Takamina Aizawa

Isana Yagami & Takamina Aizawa, in front of 48 Dormitory.

parents and Takamina's step-parents were going to creating a korean idol project, SHU  Projex. Takamina met Isana again and calling he Joohyun (Isana's korean name) for the first time when Isana still doesn't remember her. Then, after knowing Takamina's name Isana got his memories again and starts calling her 

as Sunny (Takamina's korean name) and always calling her like that. After Isana leave 48 Dormitory and transferred to SHU Dormitory sometimes he comes ONLY to see Takamina when every students don't in the dormitory and Takamina always showing her tsundere personality.