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Name KOI48
Kanji こい48, かっこいい48
Rōmaji Koi48, Kakkoī48
Fullname Kakkoī48
Captain Isana Yagami (former), Utari Shinki (current)
Teams Team Future (leadteam) AKA New Team K (KOI48)
Former Isana Yagami
KOI48 is a brother-group of AKB48, after OJS48 was breaked up. KOI48 actually created on 2008, but they breaked up and reversed on 2013 with a new youthful aura. KOI48 was not based on any prefecture, city, or town name in Japan. KOI48 fullname means cool (かっこいい Kakkoii), but when they introduce their name will be: K - Kakkoii, O - Obstinacion, I - Intergrated, KOI48 Arata waka jidai, osu! which mean: K - Cool, O - Obstinacy, I - Intergrated, KOI48 New Youthful Generation, Osu!

The current KOI48 is using Chinese as their base language for their songs, though they speak Japanese more often. So it's not suprising if they're adopting SNH48's songs.



The 2008 KOI48 had a Team K, Team O, and Team I. The general captain was Isana Yagami.


After a long hiatus, KOI48 was reversed with a new generation. The teams changed into the current only team, Team Future. The new captain, Utari Shinki, with all new members, Kai, Ata, Zane, Shio, and the famous duo Boys Love Ichigami brothers, Koma and Ake.

Current MembersEdit

Bold = Captain

Team FutureEdit

Utari Shinki (神記歌利; Utari)
Kai Morikawa (森川櫂; Kai)
Atagami Chiaki (千秋亞田上; Ata)
Zane Haostrade (ゼーン ・ ハオストレド; Zane)
Shioru Kaminomiya (神の宮シオル; Shio)
Koimaru Ichigami (一神恋マル; Koma)
Aisuke Ichigami (一神愛スケ; Ake)

Musical StyleEdit

Yasushi Akimoto wanted to created a 'boys' smile' in his 48 kingdom. So he puts the new KOI48 musical style as 'teaser boys' smile'.

Couples & PairsEdit

The list of in a relation members and pairs.

Utari Shinki & Sawako Hirajima

Koimaru Ichigami & Aisuke Ichigami  (famous duo group)

Atagami Chiaki & Zane Haostrade

Shioru Kaminomiya & Ami Melhebich


Studio AlbumsEdit

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