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This is a list of Official AKB48 members managed by Yasushi Akimoto.[1][2]



5th Election TakaMina
Main article: Minami Takahashi
Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ) is an AKB48 member labeled OgiPro.

Age: 23 (2014)

Height: 148.5cm

Position: General Manager of AKB48 Group; Captain of AKB48; Center of Team A[3]

Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ) is a member of AKB48's Team A, as well as the General Manager (soukantou) of the 48Group, which includes all AKB48's Sister Groups.

5thElection KojimaHaruna May2013
Main article: Haruna Kojima
Haruna Kojima (小嶋陽菜) is an AKB48 member labeled OgiPro.

Age: 26 (2014)

Height: 164cm

Position: Member of Team B

Haruna Kojima (小嶋陽菜) is a member of AKB48's Team B, which formerly was a member of Team A.


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