Renata Hanamori discography
Singles 5
Soundtracks 2


  1. [2008.06.17] ともだちのために (Tomodachi no Tame ni; For Friends' Sake)
  2. [2008.07.20] あっちでこっちで (Atchi de Kotchi de; Here, There)
  3. [2009.02.18] これがDAISUKI! (Kore ga DAISUKI!; I LOVE This)
  4. [2011.08.09] 問題児 (Mondaiji; Problem Kid)
  5. [2012.12.03] アキバの天使 (Akiba no Tenshi; Akiba's Angel)


  • [2008] ともだちのために as 3rd ending song for "Kamisama ga Miteiru".
  • [2012] アキバの天使 as opening song for "Te ni Akihabara".

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